Kristin Sheehan

Healing Philosophy

My approach to therapy is fundamentally holistic, informed as much by my own wellness journey as my formal psychological training. Healing is nonlinear and enigmatic–what has worked for one will not necessarily work for all. With this in mind, my emphasis is always on attention over prescription. With the right support we can not only develop greater tolerance for discomfort and uncertainty but grow in our capacity to trust the unseen and harness the body’s innate ability to heal.

Tapping into hope and strength on your healing journey
Where I Began

I heard my calling at sixteen when I took my first psychology class. I knew then that my life’s work would involve helping people navigate their nebulous inner world. I received my Master’s in Clinical Counseling in 2007.

I spent five years in Chicago where I worked in an inpatient hospital, a Head Start Program, and in foster homes. After five years I returned to the East Coast where I had grown up. Within months, I developed mysterious neurological symptoms that were physically and emotionally debilitating. I saw over ten doctors before I was given the diagnosis of Lyme Disease. As it worsened I became bedridden and went on medical leave. Within months my life had become unrecognizable.


My Lyme resisted conventional treatment. Before long I had lost all hope of a swift, uncomplicated recovery. I set aside everything I thought I knew about Lyme treatment and faced what was in front of me, meeting myself and my illness as we were.

I sought the expertise of a naturopath who taught me the healing power of food, plants, and herbs. She also introduced me to the mind-body connection and explained how emotion and illness intertwine. To engage the mind-body connection more fully I worked with a psychotherapist who introduced me to hypnosis, guided imagery, and nervous system regulation. Together, we faced the depression, anxiety, and trauma I had carried for years. I felt worse before I felt better and often felt like giving up, but I persisted and in time I made a full recovery.

Strength restored, I moved to New York City and trained as a Personal Chef through the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts. I worked with clients of all backgrounds, from people struggling with depression, infertility, diabetes, cancer or Lyme, to Hollywood actors and professional athletes.


After eight years in New York, I moved west. I reverted back to full-time therapy practice at a residential eating disorder treatment, while obtaining California licensure and training in Somatic Experiencing. I spent two years contracting in-house at a Silicon Valley tech giant providing mental health coaching to social media content moderators. In recent years I joined a group practice and trained in EMDR Therapy.

My private practice has been open since March 2023.

Where I Began

In our work together, I will guide you in examining the belief systems and hidden fictions keeping you from living your happiest, healthiest life. I will help you tap into hope, strength, and the other innate capacities that will be foundational in your healing journey.